There’s so much at Michigan for you to learn! Join one of our custom BlueCorps workshops for a comprehensive introduction to a variety of tools and topics including M+Google, Canvas, and even Cloud Storage.

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An Introduction to the University of Michigan Computing Environment

(*Available This Week*)

Welcome to the University of Michigan! During this workshop the BlueCorps team will provide a broad overview of computing resources, security, and storage. Here you will get answers to questions such as “Where do I go if I need help with my computer?” or “What exactly does backing up a laptop mean?” This is the first of several BlueCorps workshops that will be taking place this summer.


Exploring Storage Options and Online Learning Resources

During this workshop the BlueCorps team will talk about the benefits of cloud storage, as well as setting everything up and uploading your first file. We will also have the opportunity to compare and contrast the four major cloud storage services. Lastly, we will explore the university’s primary online learning management system: CTools and its recently unveiled counterpart, Canvas.


M+Google and other Academic Tools

Since 2012, the University of Michigan has partnered with Google to give faculty, students, and staff access to streamlined online services. During this workshop the BlueCorps team will demonstrate how the integration of Google’s core applications can boost your learning experiences. There are over 40 Google applications available, however we will highlight Google Docs, Forms, Slides, and more. Finally, we will talk about how to use citation generation tools.


“What I Wish I’d Known…” (*Available This Week*)

For this workshop, we asked current University of Michigan students what information they wish they would have known as freshmen. Topics in this workshop will range from productivity tips to exclusive student software to campus resources. This is a great workshop for students of all levels of experience!


Tips and Tools for an Effective Presentation

Here at the university, most students can almost certainly expect to take a course that will require them to give a presentation or two. In this workshop we will talk about the many resources that are available to students who are planning on giving a presentation. This workshop includes an overview of different multimedia tools including iMovie and GarageBand.

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