Incorporating Multimedia

Incorporating multimedia into your lectures is an easy way to increase student attentiveness and retention and can be accomplished in virtually any subject or discipline. BlueCorps advisors can work with you to locate and manage multimedia content for your classes, as well as offer a wide range of video creation skills to help you make your own media for your students.


Whether from DVD, VHS, or Youtube, short video clips can help break up a lecture and help students learn more effectively. Bluecorps advisors can help you collect and manage the content, as well as assist you with streamlining the projection process.


Want your students to create their own multimedia, but aren’t sure about how to implement it? Bluecorps advisors can help you select the right equipment and software for your students as well as show them the basics of using them.


Recording a screencast about a particular process or topic can help project your expertise outside of the classroom and onto your students devices. The process is decidedly less complicated than it appears at first glance, and BlueCorps advisors can assist you with selecting the right tool for your screencast and in the production of them.


Wish your students had access to your lectures between lectures?  In a select number of LSA classrooms, lectures can be recorded and quickly distributed by a system called Blue Review. BlueCorps advisors can help you determine if this product is right for your class, and help you with the initial setup.