Video Clips

Why add video clips to my course?

-Multimedia can make your lectures more engaging for students.

By breaking up sections of your lecture with short pieces of multimedia, you can help students digest the portions of your lecture easier. It gives them a short attention break, shifting to the multimedia, so that when they shift back to you, they will be more engaged with your lecture.

-Video clips can help reinforce a point in a different context.

Given the immeasurable array of choices when it comes to video available, it is relatively easy to find content that either gives examples of your lecture topics or graphically embody them. This gives students a second chance at reinforcing a point. For example, if you are talking about a particular observable phenomenon, it might be worthwhile to show a clip of it.

-Video can be embedded directly into your presentations.

No need to rely on Youtube or other potentially sketchy connections or advertisements to show your clip to students. If you have a video clip in a digital format it is easy to add it to your powerpoint slides. If you don’t have them in a digital format, we can assist you in getting them into that format so that you can embed them.

BlueCorps can help you.

Adding video to your course is not as hard as one can imagine. It takes a bit of planning and forethought, but creating and organizing these clips can be made easier with our help. We can guide you through the whole process, and help you digitize any media you may have on older formats. We can then help you with getting the clips organized and potentially uploaded on a secure streaming service the university has available.

If you are interested, fill out our contact form and we would be thrilled to meet with you to discuss the options available to you.


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