In the vast majority of the LSA classrooms, there is a Sympodium smart display installed. You may have noticed that the monitor on the podiums have a pen attached and an array of colorful buttons.  So what can it do for you?  In a word, it can increase the ease of interactivity in a class, help you maintain connected to students while still adding notations, and provide you a new avenue of expression.

Here is a short and simple example of something you can do with the Sympodium’s overlay feature.

You can also annotate your powerpoint slides, making students feel more connected to your slides.  It is also remarkably easy to then save these notes as a new powerpoint file so that you can provide students with the annotated version of the slides if you wish.

This video very briefly covers most of the basic features that the device offers.

If these examples interest you, please fill out our contact form to schedule a training session to discuss how to use the sympodium. As well, there are sympodium workshops offered through the Teaching and Technology Collaborative.


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