To learn more about Piazza, the best first step is to take a look at their web page.  Click on the Piazza Logo below to access their website.


If you like what you see, you can easily add a Piazza tool to your CTools page! Simply go to your CTools page, click on “Site Info” in the lefthand sidebar, then click on “Edit Tools” on the top of the page.  The Piazza Tool can be found under the “Plugin Tools” category.  Check the box, and your students will be able to access Piazza from your CTools website!

For more information about how Piazza is used at The University of Michigan, click here.  See other classes that have utilized Piazza, and read testimonials from other faculty members.

If you would like a BlueCorps Advisor to help you implement Piazza into your classroom, please feel free to contact us!