Online Office Hours

Why Hold Online Office Hours?

Our world is becoming increasingly interconnected and on-demand. In academia, there are a lot of opportunities to take advantage of these two trends. Holding online office hours is one such way that you can leverage the simplicity and accessibility of them to help engage more of your students.

Hangouts-LogoWe don’t want to give the impression that these would replace your already established office hours. Your students need them, and I am sure that you are happy to provide the kind of one on one feedback that your current office hours makes available.  Instead, this is an opportunity that can be used outside of your structured class time to provide either additional classroom support, subject context, or to review course content.

We recommend using Google+ Hangout for doing this, since it provides a one-stop solution for hosting the event, organizing the participants, and recording the event for future viewing.

Here are some examples/inspiration

Example 1: Holding a conversation between colleagues at the same university much like a panel discussion.

Example 2: Holding a conversation between multiple disciplines from varied institutions in order to provide broad context.

Example 3: Using Google Hangout’s chat feature to feed questions between a moderator and the subject matter expert.

BlueCorps can help!

If this idea intrigues you, don’t hesitate to send us a message with our contact form to discuss the particular logistics of your idea. We can discuss formats, sharing, and how to get your students to participate.


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