Lecture Capture: Blue Review

Capture your lectures with Blue Review

Blue Review is a service provided by LSA Instructional Support Services that allows for automated lecture recording and sharing. The system takes the feed from the projector and from a microphone, and compiles a video of your lecture. It is then uploaded to ctools for your students to view.

It is worth noting that Blue Review is only available in a handful of LSA classrooms.  To find out more about the program, check out their frequently asked questions here: http://bluereview.lsa.umich.edu/faq

The following classrooms are BlueReview equipped:

  • Angell Hall Auditorium A
  • Angell Hall Auditorium B
  • Angell Hall Auditorium C
  • Angell Hall Auditorium D
  • Chemistry Bldg. Auditorium 1200
  • Chemistry Bldg. Auditorium 1800
  • Dennison 170
  • Dennison 182
  • East Hall Auditorium 1324
  • Kraus 2140 (Natural Sciences Auditorium)
  • Lorch Hall 140 (Askwith Auditorium)
  • Modern Languages Building Aud 3 (Room 1200)
  • Modern Languages Building Aud 4 (Room 1400)
  • Undergraduate Sciences Building 1230
  • Undergraduate Sciences Building 1250
  • Undergraduate Sciences Building 2260
  • Undergraduate Sciences Building 4153

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