Google Tools

Google Drive

Google Drive can be used to store and organize documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and more.  Privacy settings allow you to share the contents of your drive with no one, selected people, an entire community, or the world.  You can also organize the contents of your drive into folders.  Learn more about Google Drive here.

Google Docs

Perhaps the most basic component of Google Drive, Google Docs allow for collaborative editing.  Maybe you want your students to work together on a collaborative paper.  They can use Google Docs, and they can all edit the paper simultaneously!  You can even be added to the document as a collaborator, or given the ability to comment.  Google Docs can also be presentations or spreadsheets.

Google Sites

Google offers a basic website creation tool in Google Sites.  Google Sites is easy to use, and can create private or public websites.  See more about how you can use Google Sites in your classroom under the “Blogging and ePortfolios” menu item.

Google Mail

You are probably already using Google Mail (or gmail) but organizing your mailbox can be tricky! Your BlueCorps Advisor can help you organize your mailbox.

Google Calendars

Use your Google Calendar to schedule appointments, keep track of your day, and invite students to meetings.