Communication Outside of Class


You probably know what CTools is, but have you ever wanted to make your course page really pop?  See our tips and tricks for how to make your CTools page the best in your department.


Piazza is all about creating classroom community.  By adding a Piazza application to you CTools page, you will give your students a great opportunity to talk outside of class, and to help one another with the material.

Google Hangout Office Hours

Did you know that you can use Google Hangouts to meet with up to ten students at once?  Click on the link to learn how to hold office hours anywhere.

Google Tools

Google Docs, Google Drive, Google +, Google Sites– so much Google and so little time! We will help you navigate the entire google suite.

ePortfolio and Blogging

Perhaps you want your students to reflect on their experiences, connect with the community around them, or to write in a new way.  ePortfolios and blogging assignments can give your students a new way to express their ideas.