Break Your Facebook Addiction With These 4 Desktop Apps


By Melody Ng

It’s 10 pm on a Sunday night and you have a five paper due the next morning. But, you’re only page ONE. You realize that you have to get to work, but somehow you find yourself typing in knowing that you closed out of that tab ten minutes ago… You’re distracted, need to stop checking social media, and get started on your paper. Here are some ways you can do it:


1) SelfControl for iOS (Free)

This Mac application allows you to add websites that you want to blacklist and it prevents you from visiting that website for the amount of time you set. Only when that time is up are you able to access those websites. Even if you shut down or uninstall the application you’re still can’t access those sites. Foolproof for not going on those distracting social media sites.


2) Cold Turkey for Windows (Free and premium version, $19)

Don’t worry PC users, you’re not left out. Cold Turkey does the same thing as SelfControl allowing you to block websites. There is also a premium version with more features like scheduling weekly reoccurring website blocks. They say it takes three weeks for a habit to form… so maybe this is worth the investment.


3) StayFocusd for Google Chrome

If you don’t want to install a program, you can have the same blocking features right in your internet browser. There’s also an additional feature where you can set the maximum time allowed per day you can browse sites on your blacklist.


4) LeechBlock for Firefox

Here’s the equivalent for Firefox!


Any one of these programs or extensions should stop you from going on Facebook for the time being, so you can finish your paper!


About the Author:
Melody Ng is a student at the University of Michigan who studies business.