Academic Support Services at the University of Michigan


Academic Support Services at the University of Michigan

November 9, 2015

UntitledLets face it, some classes are very challenging and a little extra help/tutoring would go a long way. SO, if you’re looking for a tutor or a study group for physics, chemistry, calculus, or EECs class, read on!

The University has numerous academic support services for students. Departments also have specific academic support systems for students with majors in that department.

Some of the most notable services available to students are:

  • The Comprehensive Studies Program (CSP) provides tutoring in Math, Foreign Languages, Statistics, Chem., Bio, & more! Also, as a CSP student you are eligible to take CSP classes, where the number of students in the class is small and the professors are very supportive. To find out more about the program click here.
  • The Engineering Learning Center (ELC) & Science Learning Center (SLC) provides assistance to students in the STEM field.
  • The Sweatband Wrinting Center (SWC) has trained undergrad & graduate student who can look over your essay, research or any writing assignments from class, and give professional feedback. Click here to learn more about SWC.
  • The Math Lab also provides tutoring. The lab is located in East Hall. Just walk in, sign in & a tutor should be available to help you with pre-calc, calculus I, II, III or IV.

These are just a few of programs/labs available for students. Click here to access a complete list of
academic support services available to you.

About the Author:
Najeeb Amini  is a student at the University of Michigan who intends to major in Public Policy or PPE.