Have You Heard of Philo?


November 11, 2015

Have You Heard of Philo?

Have a favorite show that you just can’t miss?

Well, your in luck because as a Umich student you have access to Philo, which is an internet TV system that lets you watch & record episodes of your favorite shows.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.57.45 AM

Philo includes 48 popular cable channels, such as ESPN, FX, ABC, Nickelodeon, TBS and much more. Click here to start watching now!


You can watch your shows anywhere on campus using either MWireless or a wired Ethernet connection.

Watch shows through your Mac or PC laptops, iPads, phones, etc. Click here to have a complete list of devices that can be used to watch internet TV.

Although all Umich students who log in to Philo have access to cable channels, only West Quad residents have full access to all the cable channels.

About the Author:
Najeeb Amini is a second year student who is choosing between school of Public Policy and PPE.