10 Things You’ll Find Beneficial in the ISS Media Center

November 10, 2015

Instructional Support Services has two locations on Central Campus. The Modern Language Building location (on the second floor) is really convenient for students who want to use the space to study or check out equipment. If the MLB location doesn’t have the equipment you’re looking for, you’ll most likely find it at the Mason Hall location. Overall, there are lots of things that can benefit a student or a faculty member within the ISS Center. Here is my list of the top ten benefits:
  1. With your Mcard you have access to a variety of equipment. This includes cameras, tripods, lighting equipment, Macbooks, voice recorders and more.


  2. If you checked something out and you need more time, don’t worry! You can always call ISS and they can often extend your time.
  3. The ISS Media Center is a great place to study or hangout between classes. There are even two printers there, for those last minute changes to your essay.
  4. Need to finish an online assignment or just need a computer? The ISS center has numerous desktops, and you can choose from mac or windows, as they have two different computer labs.


  5. If studying out in the open is not your thing, you have the ability to reserve one of the study rooms in the Media Center. These could be used for solo studying or for more collaborative work.
  6. One of the most fascinating things the ISS center has is the recording studio. You can record yourself rapping, singing, or just speaking for a presentation.


  7. Come learn how to use some of the most common software Umich uses through the newest ISS service, BlueCorps.


  8. If your schedule is tight and you’re unable to make it into the ISS center to check something out, that’s totally fine. You can call always over the phone to reserve an item and then come get it whenever you’re free.
  9. This is a great place to meet study partners, as there are lots of people who come into the ISS center looking for someone to study with.
  10. The Media Center staff is awesome! They’ll always make sure to help you or find someone for you who can.
    About the Author:
    Nate Baker is a student at the University of Michigan who is beginning to study biochemistry.